Quick Method To Disable All Plugins

If your WordPress site is having issues or you are receiving a 500 error message, a good starting point to rule out a plugin conflict is to disable all plugins.  You could go through the plugins section within admin and manually disable each plugin.  That can be time consuming, and possible an unnecessary step, if plugins aren’t to blame.  A quick method to ruling out a plugin conflict is to rename your plugins folder via Cpanel or ftp.  If you are using a cache plugin, delete all cached pages before renaming the folder.  Then revisit your site.  If you still are experiencing problems with your website, at least you know that the plugins aren’t to blame.

If the problem has been resolved by renaming the plugins folder, you would then restore the plugin folder name then go through the manual process of disabling individual plugins until the problem is resolved.  If the problem still exists after manually disabling each plugin individually and test your site after each plugin is disabled, switch to a default WordPress theme to see if your theme is at fault.