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How To Display Conditional Login Or Logout Links In WordPress

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WordPress wp_link_pages Pagination Examples

How To Programmically Add <!–nextpage–> To WordPress Template

The short answer is that you can’t programmically add <!–nextpage–> to your single.php template or custom file. But there is a fairly easy workaround using… View More

How To Find Duplicate Post Meta In WordPress

To locate and compare all duplicate postmeta rows in WordPress, use phpMyAdmin to run the following query:   select T1.post_id, T1.meta_key, T1.meta_value, T1.meta_id, T2.post_id, T2.meta_key,… View More

How To Disable The WordPress Register Text And Registration Page

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How To Display A Custom Image Field Uploaded Via WordPress Media

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Displaying Images Using A Custom Non-Media Field In WordPress

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How To Replace The WordPress Logo On Login With Your Own Logo

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How To Add Custom Menu Items And Variables To WordPress Menus

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